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06May, 2020

Wednesday’s First Things First – Adweek

Welcome to First Things First, Adweek’s daily resource for marketers. We’ll be publishing the content to First Things First on each morning (like this post), but if you prefer that it come straight to your inbox, you can sign up for the email here. 5 Ways Quarantine Has Changed the Cannabis Industry Forever The cannabis […]

06May, 2020

With Beyonce as the Soundtrack, the Sports World’s ‘Real Heroes’ PSA Goes Live – Adweek

From their kitchen tables, living rooms and backyards, with their pets and kids and significant others in tow, some of the most recognizable faces in sports are honoring front-line medical workers in the fight against Covid-19. And they’re doing it in the most visible way possible: plastering the names of emergency-room doctors, obstetricians and EMTs […]

06May, 2020

WarnerMedia Prepares For ‘Flexible’ Upfront Alongside Xandr – Adweek

WarnerMedia knew that this year’s upfront would be very different for the company—after all, it would be engaging in talks jointly alongside corporate sibling Xandr, and it would be the first marketplace since 2012 without longtime ad sales chief Donna Speciale at the helm—but it wasn’t expecting quite this much upheaval. Due to Covid-19, the […]

06May, 2020

5 Ways Quarantine Has Changed the Cannabis Industry Forever – Adweek

Stuck in quarantine for weeks on end and hoarding necessities, consumers have made their Covid-19 buying preferences extremely clear: toilet paper, frozen pizza, jigsaw puzzles and hand sanitizer. For certain consumers, cannabis–once likely considered a discretionary purchase—has fast been added to that list, fueling an unprecedented green rush with record-breaking sales since lockdown went into […]

06May, 2020

Being Boring Is an Act of Heroism During the Covid-19 Crisis – Adweek

Bar is creating a series of social superhero illustrations and Instagram stickers to reinforce the idea that while staying home may be boring, doing so makes people superheroes alongside first responders, healthcare workers and other essential employees who are risking their lives during the coronavirus pandemic. Mucinex Mucinex Mucinex Mucinex Mucinex Mucinex Bar will continue […]