Category: B2B Marketing

19Apr, 2020

Tomatoes don’t grow in winter: How sales leaders are building value and getting creative right now

Although the weather is warmer and sunsets are later as spring marches on, it sure feels like winter almost everywhere else. If your prospects and best customers are hibernating (pausing new spending, preserving cash, waiting for clarity), you’re not alone. Of course, in the right conditions, plenty of crops still grow and flourish in winter. […]

17Apr, 2020

Igniting a new normal, together #EventHack2020

If you’re in the event industry, the last 60 days hasn’t gone as planned.  That goes for organizers, producers, sponsors and an enormous ecosystem of support tools, services and more – Socio among them. I’ll admit that Socio wasn’t on my radar until a couple weeks ago, when Corey McCarthy joined our CMO Coffee Talk […]

14Apr, 2020

WFH: How to Keep Encouraging Your Teammates

By Michelle Voznyuk, Marketing Consultant at Heinz Marketing Our team has been working remotely for just over a month now. At first, it was nice – sleeping in a bit later, no daily commute, working in our pajamas, etc. But as the quarantine continues, it seems to get increasingly more difficult to feel OK about […]

13Apr, 2020

This is Marketing’s Leadership Moment: 8 topics on the mind of CMOs this past week

Perhaps never before has the chief marketing officer been so centrally in charge their organization’s overall response, strategy and action plan to move out of and through a crisis. The many layers of adversity the coronavirus has thrown at companies – managing shifting market demand, communicating the organizations position, considerations for brand strategy, guiding employees […]

13Apr, 2020

From Selling with Empathy to Compassionate Urgency: Sales Leader Focus Areas This Week

By Matt Heinz, Founder and President of Heinz Marketing For three weeks, the idea of “selling with empathy” dominated discussions in sales management circles.  That may have shifted late last week, as some sales executives in our new Sales Leader Cocktail Talks series started encouraging their prospects to organize, decide and act to save (even […]

12Apr, 2020

Brenna’s App of the Week: NerdWallet

By Brenna Lofquist, Senior Marketing Consultant at Heinz Marketing Amid the COVID-19 pandemic, finances have been tight for lots of people and families around the country. I am thankful to still be working but, finances and budgeting have still been top of mind. For the past few months I’ve been using an app on my […]