Category: B2B Marketing

20May, 2020

How to Teach Empathy for Sales Teams

By Maria Geokezas, VP of Client Relations at Heinz Marketing Can Empathy be taught?  Empathy has always been a necessary part of a successful sale.  Heck, I believe it’s a necessary part of being human, having happy relationships, being good at your job and leading a full life.  Before COVID-19 happened, empathy was taken for […]

19May, 2020

Own The Market, Not Just The Marketing: What CMOs Talked About Last Week

By Matt Heinz, President & Founder of Heinz Marketing There’s an enormous difference between merely running the marketing at your organization and having responsibility for the addressable market.  One is tactical, the other – well, it drives the company’s direction, product strategy and future success. Like I said, quite a difference. And although historically the […]

17May, 2020

Kayla’s App of the Week: Likewise

By Kayla Beard, Marketing Intern at Heinz Marketing The past two months have been filled with uncertainty, panic, and a lot of downtime in the quarantine. I have binge watched Netflix, learned how to cook, and become an expert walker.  Privately funded by the Bill Gates foundation, Likewise is a startup company located in Bellevue, […]