Lauren’s App of the Week: Headspace

04Apr, 2021

By Lauren Dichter, Marketing Consultant at Heinz Marketing

It’s been exactly a year now since I started working from home due to COVID-19, and I’m sure most of you can relate. This time last year, I thought 2020 was going to be “my year”, as they say. I was so excited for the future while also feeling fulfilled in the present moment. Basically, I was on cloud 9 like never before. Nothing was going to cramp my style.

And then…duN duNN DUNNNN. The worst global pandemic since the Spanish Flu of 1918 hit—and hit hard, like I’d imagine a meteor would smash into the Earth: relentlessly and unstoppably.

We were all there. We know what happened next, and what’s happening now. It’s pretty amazing that all of us have gone through the same situation, and all at the same time. The ways in which we’ve all done our best to deal with the worst is a powerful symbol of…

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