Brenna’s App of the Week: Goodreads

28Mar, 2021

By Brenna Lofquist, Senior Marketing Consultant at Heinz Marketing

During the past year, I think everyone can say they’ve picked up at least one or two new hobbies or activities to fill their time. I know I have, one of them being reading. I’ve always liked reading but started to read more within the last few years. Pre COVID, a group of my friends started a book club where we’d meet in person once a month to discuss the book. We’ve still been maintaining our book club albeit virtually, of course. This is where I was introduced to the app Goodreads. You can access Goodreads by downloading the app on your phone or logging in online.

Goodreads does a few things such as help you find new books, keeps track of the books you want to read and have read, and creates a community for people to share their opinions and ratings of books. The main feature I like is being able…

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