3 Ways to Maintain Your Website

12Feb, 2021

By Stephanie Carrillo, Senior Marketing Consultant at Heinz Marketing

Often, I see B2B companies with small marketing teams neglecting their web site. As marketers, we get busy, we tend to align our priorities to our sales goals, but website maintenance and upkeep gets left out. But chances are, it is causing you to lose sales.

According to Quora users and other experts, a company should be spending anywhere from 2-5 hours a week maintaining their website.

Here are three website maintenance ideas to focus on each month.

Website Content

Content management includes everything from adding new content to removing or updating old content.

Does your resource center or blog have content from 4-5 years ago?  Chances are, it is no longer relevant and should be updated.  One trick to maintaining content, use your analytics program to pull a list of landing pages with the least…

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