Gamification for B2B Marketers: Pandemic-Style

10Sep, 2020

By Lauren Dichter, Marketing Consultant at Heinz Marketing

We’re in month 8 of the pandemic and there’s one thing we know for sure: we miss having fun and being close to our loved ones! We miss the hugs, the laughs, and the shoulders to lean on. But hopefully by now, we’ve also learned to cope.

My way of getting through this is playing games, either with my fiancé in our apartment, or virtually with our friends and family. It’s a full-on necessity at this point! How else am I supposed to forget about the virus for a moment, let loose, and connect with people over an activity?

Gamification is important during a pandemic because it’s a form of play, which becomes necessary for our mental health when our worlds have been turned upside down. “Play helps alleviate stress, allows us to express our true selves, helps unlock creative thinking, and provides a ‘safe…

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