Planters Mascot Hits Next Life Milestone and Celebrates His 21st Birthday

11Aug, 2020

Today, Baby Nut—the reincarnated version of snack brand Planters’ iconic mascot—is celebrating his 21st birthday. That milestone comes just over six months after his rebirth, which occurred during a Super Bowl spot earlier this year. After Mr. Peanut, then 104 years old, met his demise in a Nut Mobile crash, he was born again after a tear from the Kool-Aid Man landed on his cemetery plot during his funeral.

After about six months—or over two decades in peanut time—Baby Nut is growing up, though he’s left us a bit earlier than expected. In April, Planters told Adweek that Baby Nut would be around for at least a year, “potentially longer,” before growing up into Mr. Peanut.

Now, he’s Peanut Jr., and his time-defying aging is due to “a magical growth spurt that caused him to grow from a baby legume to 21-year-old Peanut Jr.,” according to a statement from Planters….

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