From Employment Law to Sports Marketing, This Exec Now Negotiates YouTube’s Upfronts

11Aug, 2020

Brian Albert has had a few careers, from employment law to sports marketing, Silicon Valley to Nascar race tracks. So when he courts advertisers for upfront ad commitments as Google and YouTube’s managing director for U.S. agency video, he knows a thing or two from these different walks of life.

Two decades ago, Albert wasn’t thinking about the future of television; he was riding the highs of the dot-com boom. He had originally followed his head—and his dad’s advice—to law school, practicing at a firm for one year before making a drastic change. For the next five years, he’d follow his heart, working in sports marketing for professional tennis players like Steffi Graf. After the bubble burst, he co-founded and sold a loyalty program for Nascar.

It wasn’t until 2010 that he joined Google and began the latest chapter of his peripatetic career.

At each step, job and sector,…

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