Zippo’s Mars Lighter Follows NASA’s Latest Launch – Adweek

01Aug, 2020

NASA launched its latest mission to Mars on Thursday, drawing millions of viewers. And while the features of the Perseverance Rover are mightily impressive, the thing that led so many people to YouTube was the chance to watch an Atlas V-541 rocket do its thing.

As launch vehicles go, the Atlas is the Ferrari of rocket ships. Its kerosene and liquid oxygen-fueled engines deliver 2.3 million pounds of thrust—and, to the delight of those watching, plenty of flames. And if you happen to be the world’s best-known brand of lighters, that’s as good a tie-in as any.

Within hours of the launch, Zippo, the iconic American brand of lighters, quietly put a special edition lighter on sale to commemorate this latest Mars mission. The reddish hue of the gold-plated lighter—a signature flip-top model that shuts with Zippo’s distinctive “click”—evokes Mars’ iron-rich soil and features…

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