The Ins and Outs of Facebook Landing Pages

30Jul, 2020

How many times have you interacted with an ad on Facebook and gotten lost down a rabbit hole? If you’re like me, your answer is probably up in the dozens. I could click on an ad about ice cream, and five minutes later, find myself looking at YouTube videos of homemade sundaes.

Sometimes, though, I come across an ad that’s seamless — They’re quick to grab my attention, and it tells me everything I need to know when I reach the landing page.

This morning, for example, I checked my timeline. I came across this ad while scrolling, and because I saw my favorite colors in the ad, I had to click on the image.

Example of a Facebook landing page.

The landing page wasn’t busy. In fact, the simplicity caught my attention. All the page had was text, an image, and a CTA. I noticed how the ad and landing page were centered around the same product.

It was effective because its only purpose was to get me to fill out the free…

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