Bike Brands Navigate a Boom in Sales Fueled by Covid-19 – Adweek

13Jul, 2020

“Unprecedented” is an apt way to describe 2020 so far. And while that’s not necessarily a good thing for most of the marketing world, the bicycle industry has seen an unprecedented amount of growth.

People are flocking to bike shops and major retailers during quarantine to purchase bikes for socially distant exercise or to avoid public transportation in urban areas. Bike brands like Brompton, Specialized and Trek are all reporting higher sales than ever before.

All three brands have launched campaigns to optimize the unexpected opportunity Covid-19 has provided and reworking plans that were in place beforehand so they still resonate. The challenge for these brands has been figuring out how to keep their new consumers engaged and retain them as loyal customers.

Brompton’s ‘Go the Social Distance’ encourages people to ride a bike, leaving space on…

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