Sleeping Giants Co-Founders Split Over Unequal Partnership – Adweek

11Jul, 2020

In Jammi’s post, she alleged that Sleeping Giants co-founder Matt Rivitz, who has positioned himself as the organization’s solo founder, denied her credit for the role she’s held since the early days of the movement in 2016, repeatedly sidelining her and refusing to fully acknowledge her contributions.

Rivitz responded today with an open letter on Twitter, publicly acknowledging her role as co-founder and apologizing for the way he’s handled the public-facing portion of the organization for the past two years. “[Jammi] clearly deserves a lot more credit than she has gotten for her groundbreaking work with Sleeping Giants and I’d like to apologize to her and to anyone who may have felt this way during the course of this campaign as volunteers or as followers,” he wrote.

Jammi has not commented publicly on Rivitz’s apology, which received a mixed reaction on Twitter,…

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