The Plain-English Guide to Negative Keywords

08Jul, 2020

When I woke up this morning, I groggily shuffled to my kitchen, where I made a distressing discovery: I was out of coffee grounds.

Suddenly full of energy, and wanting to remedy the situation as quickly as possible, I frantically ran to my desk, opened my laptop, and typed “ground coffee beans” into Google.

I received numerous results: coffee alternatives, drip coffee beans, coffee bean blends, listicles about coffee grounds, and even a list of nearby coffee places. But even though I was given all of this information, I still hadn’t found what I needed.

So, I continued.

After scrolling through recipes that use ground coffee beans, and a section labelled, “Research ground coffee beans,” I finally located a section where I could purchase ground coffee beans!

When I secured my refill, I thought about all of the options I’d been given for “ground coffee beans,” and how many ads I…

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