9 LinkedIn Ad Case Studies That Marketers Can Learn From

08Jul, 2020

When you think about social media marketing, what’s the first platform that comes to mind? For many marketers, it’s probably Facebook or Instagram. But if I were to pick one, I’d go with LinkedIn.

Why? Well, first, LinkedIn is an amazing platform to use for brand awareness. Their Business Solutions offer a variety of ad types, like photo or video. Ads are visible to the platform’s 630 million users, and the unique optimization tools, like audience targeting, ensure Ads reach qualified leads.

Second, LinkedIn’s Business Solutions are expansive. There’s a lot of opportunity for ad customization and budgeting — which is helpful if you’re not quite sure which ad is right for your strategy.

That’s where my third reason for loving LinkedIn comes in: case studies.

Case studies often explain the thinking, process, and analysis behind how a team or business uses a product or solution….

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