Michelle’s App of the Week: Olark

07Jul, 2020

By Michelle Voznyuk, Marketing Consultant at Heinz Marketing

In the past few months, our team has taken on some big initiatives to improve our website, SEO, and internal processes. Some of these items have turned into mammoth-sized projects, but we are so happy with the progress we’ve made, especially considering the circumstances.


One of the projects we took on was to take better advantage of our chat function, Olark. In the process of creating a new strategy, we learned quite a bit about the tool and its functionality. And nothing says marketing more than re-purposing content and turning that strategy document into a blog post. So here we are!


What is Olark?

Olark is a subscription-based service that allows you to implement live-chat functionality within your website to communicate with leads and customers. In “online” mode, users can click the floating…

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