Why You Can Take Omnichannel Marketing Off the Table – Adweek

23Jun, 2020

It’s not just Covid-19 anymore. Frustrations over equal rights and overdue legal reforms came to a head at the very moment people started to head back to work. For months, business and marketing have been on the sidelines hoping for a return to normalcy.

The disruption of a remote economy alongside the combination of the pandemic and protests has led people to change how they communicate and even how they consume. There has been a very real impact on business models. Marketers are only now beginning to decipher how much things may have changed.

To start with the obvious, the much-heralded omnichannel marketing model is probably dead. In-person sales calls, direct mail, OOH, retail shopping and linear brand TV advertising are all pretty much off the table. Texting, Zoom and the pipes of Amazon, Facebook, Google, Roku and the big three (ATT, Verizon and Comcast) dominate.

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