Burger King Offers ‘Autopilot Whopper’ for Self-Driving Cars – Adweek

23Jun, 2020

Burger King’s marketing team never misses a chance to jump on a hot trend, especially in technology.

Case in point: The brand is launching a Whopper giveaway linked to automotive artificial intelligence, which “knows what you crave,” according to BK’s new ad campaign launching today and coming on the heels of the restaurant’s recent dance-based promo  with TikTok, the wildly popular social media platform of the moment.

The promotion is based on a video, reportedly real and seems to have been shot from behind the wheel of a Tesla, showing the car’s self-driving navigational system confusing a Burger King sign for a stop sign. (A quick Google reveals no other examples of this phenomenon.) Burger King has not named the car brand in the video, and disclosure copy at the bottom of the ad states that “map displayed does not reflect actual map in vehicle.

The lesson here?…

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