What YOU Can To Do Help Support Black Lives Matter

18Jun, 2020

By Kayla Beard, Intern at Heinz Marketing

2020 has been a year that will go down in history. In addition to the unprecedented worldwide pandemic known as COVID-19, we are also in the midst of one of the biggest pushes for reformation in history, calling for an end to police brutality and a change in our society to eliminate systemic racism. There has been a rise in engagement and participation in the Black Lives Matter Movement after numerous innocent black men and women have been murdered on camera. People of all race, gender, and sex have participated in the movement in order to demand equality and justice for black lives.

Founded in 2013, the Black Lives Matter movement has been a major force towards achieving racial equality. Black Lives Matter is an organization dedicated to non-violent civil disobedience in protest to police brutality and promoting the lives of…

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