3 Ways We Are Making Heinz Marketing Customer Experience Real #HMCX

12Jun, 2020

By Maria Geokezas, VP of Client Services at Heinz Marketing

Here at Heinz Marketing we are really proud of the experience we offer our clients through each and every engagement.  A large chunk of our business is from returning clients and we think that’s the best proof of a positive customer experience.  To be honest, our customer experience has developed quite organically.  It is rooted in our company values and is evident in every person we hire (otherwise they wouldn’t be here!).  But that’s not enough anymore.  As we grow, we need to ensure the experience we provide is consistent with the one that helped us achieve our success to-date.

We started being more intentional about our customer experience about 18 months ago.  As a management exercise, we first defined our customer experience, then mapped out our customers’ life cycle and success metrics.  Once…

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