Spinning Your Wheels, A Novel Approach to Time Management (Quarantine or Not)

05Apr, 2020

By Sheena McKinney, Executive Assistant at Heinz Marketing

A few months ago (pre-COVID), the thought of extra time and especially time at home would have conjured up a whole host of ideas and projects I could tackle.  You know the kind.

When you’re at work you think of things you need to do at home.  When you’re at home you think of things you need to do at work.  Can you relate?

Now you’re working and home (and have your commute time back) aaaand …. Nothin’?  Where did all that motivation mojo go?

So far I’m not any more productive during this extended quarantine. In fact, I feel less productive.  I even feel a bit like I’m in procrastination mode.  If you can relate, we are not alone.

Current events notwithstanding, we are all procrastinators to some extent… at least for certain things, or certain areas…. or during certain times (like during a…

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