5 Mental Health Tips for the Quarantine

05Apr, 2020

By Winfield Salyards, Marketing Coordinator at Heinz Marketing

We live in strange times.  With many of us under quarantine and working from home it is important we make sure to take care of not only our physical health but, our mental health as well.  Taking care of our mental wellbeing will help us get through the isolation of social distancing and quarantine as well as help our productivity when we work from home.  Here are five tips and strategies for mental wellness upkeep that you can try today:

  1. Create a routine for yourself

It’s normal to not stay on your old routine but, it is still important to stick to a routine at home.  Put together a realistic schedule to stick to during the day and make sure to keep to it.  This will help alleviate the sameness of quarantine.

  1. Take time for yourself

While working from home in quarantine it can be incredibly easy to…

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